NaNoWriMo 2013–Writers Block < No, not really, that's the story Title :D

So, NaNoWriMo is here! I am currently writing a novel about a writers blocked Writer and a mystical demon; similar to Alan Wake and taking a lot of inspiration from it plus many idea’s I have myself.

If you wish to check my progress on the novel; please go to: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/larkin125/novels/wip-writers-block/stats and also check here on my blog, on my YouTube channel HERE or on my Facebook and twitter.


Guess What I am doing?!

Hello guy’s, Long time no see; I have been trying to post something here but I haven’t had really the mood or the need to post anything but I am trying to branch out myself a little and pick up things once more.

This is one of them.

Anyway, down to something to talk about; I am going to be starting NaNoWriMo 2013 in November and its going to be called ‘Legion’

Here is the Synopsis for the story.

Legion follows the life of a single man from his mid-teens through to his elderly life as he is picked up by the Imperium's Legion. Drafted and trained to kill the enemies of the Ilmarian Imperium in its founding years; Legion is set in the early history of the same universe that 'The Way The Stars Fall' does but thousands of years in its history.

The world of Ilmaria is filled with many different countries and their governments, many different types of people. The Ilmarian Imperium rises up from a single small nation to become the predominant government on the world. This story will follow a small slice of the  history from the eyes of a single soldier, rising to become leader of his own force; doing what he must in a tragic war for survival.

The entire story is based around my ‘The Way the Stars Fall’ universe but what the Imperium would be like in its early stages; sword and shield. I am going to be basing a lot of it on The Roman Empire during its rise, but also throw in some other influences. Hope it is all well; my plan is to at least get half the novel finished before the end (as I never finished NaNoWriMo since I started).

Will be uploading videos to YouTube as well as on here to give posts about what I am doing.


So, I’m Graduating!

Hey everyone, thought I’d put up a quick post just to mention that I have finished university and on Monday (29th) I will be graduating from London Metropolitan University with a Upper Second Class (2:1) Bachelor Degree in Computer Games Programming.

Photo’s will be on my Facebook and I will post them on here after the ceremony.


Long time no see everyone!

Hello everyone, long time no see. Thought I would throw a quick update on here for anyone who does not already know some of the things which I am currently doing.

First off, my Novel has been published and I am currently working on the second one ‘The Way The Stars Fall: Resurgence’ and I am also working on several short stories in the ‘The Way The Stars Fall’ Universe. These will be released when they are finished on my website : http://www.LewisStockton.com.

Next is university; I have currently finished my course and all I need to do now is graduate, so I am going to be moving back home to Doncaster and hopefully find a job to do while I either look for a job in the Games Industry or make my own games.

I will of course continue writing during this and hopefully published all my work; which I will update on here and on my website.

Anyway that is it for now, hope you can all check out my website, Facebook, twitter and here on the blog and keep up to date on what I am doing.


Promotional Piece I threw together

Little bit of a promotional piece I quickly drew together for my Novel :D a little suggestion from one of the characters in my novel :D



Quick post

I know I havent updated this blog in a while and I plan on trying to do it; but with all the work I have, Ive been kinda swamped.

I have also rejoined Seal Team 3 ARMA clan, under its new name 1st Marine Special Ops Batallion, 1MSOB. As an Air Navigator and gunner.

here is one of the sigs for the forums Ive sketched up with some old awards and pictures on from ST3 days.



Hi, Just posting a message to everyone to say I finally published my Novel. If you would like a hardback copy, The info is below. If you would like another kind of copy, please let me know and I will be tallying up votes for other versions including Paperback, EBook and any other formats that could be done.

Thank you :)

The Way The Stars Fall: Rebirth

Trapped in foreign place; Jack Hunter, the captain of the ITF Tranquillity must get his crew home. Faced with a Evil Empire where once a friendly Republic once stood, a Rebel Insurrectionist movement and an awakened Enemy of old Generations. Jack has his hands full.

Forward is the only way home.



No New Content for a while

I am afraid there wont be any content on here for a while; I am at my wits end with depression and writers block; I have zero new material ready to upload. I will try to finish the Mass effect 3 character journal and upload that as soon as I have enough to give me a head start.

Sorry guys and gals and hope you do better than me